The Times obituary

Reginald Smith Brindle For anyone in Britain growing into classical music in the 1960s and ’70s the name of Reginald Smith Brindle was a permanent presence on the contemporary scene. Fashions change in music as unforgivingly as in the other arts, and his music may have been heard less often in recent years. [...]

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The Guardian obituary

Reginald Smith Brindle British composer, best known for his guitar works "It is a matter for considerable regret," wrote James Weir in Contemporary Composers (1990), "that more people know Reginald Smith Brindle as a teacher and critic than as a composer in his own right." Yet it is his compositions that will in [...]

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R S Brindle Autobiography extract

This extract is Chapter 25 of the composer's autobiography. Reproduced with permission. © R SmithBrindle 1999 After I left Pizzetti, I was still not satisfied. Though I was really well enough prepared as a composer, I felt there was still some secret which eluded me. I later realised that put simply, what I was [...]

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